Welcome to Touching The Light


Touching the Light is an energy-based, Divinely inspired, method of healing. In working with the many levels of us and bringing them back in to harmonic balance, this can open us up to infinite possibility. By tuning up the system, we can do more than survive in this world, we can actually thrive.

Recently, Dr. Meg has been given an entirely new set of Living Light Symbols that, when utilized, create a living hologram of symbols in your etheric field. The symbols, once laid out, position themselves in a holographic format. Once the symbols have completed their aligning and balancing, your etheric field receives an initiation that initializes the ascension process of your soul and encodes your field with teachings and instructions of extreme high frequency data which becomes part of your etheric field. Once initialized, your field then becomes more receptive to universal information, reorganizes its communication patterns, and recognizes the way home to your origin using an ascension process that had been forgotten by human beings eons ago. The Living Light Symbols are just that: Living Light which carries the teachings and initiations from the heart of the infinite. The Living Light Symbols also include layers that attune every organ and system in the physical body.

I work multi-dimensionally, healing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues that arise within life. The Living Light Symbols are now a part of my sessions by request. All is dependent upon the individual and what they believe to be possible.

Is it time for a change in your life?